Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Friday

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lane new words

I was watching wrestling Monday Raw last night. Since some people don't like JBL some people at the background shouting YOU SUCK. I'm one of those people i just don't like him. I never tough that he will mark me. I was saying YOU SUCk then the commercial come on. I hear lane saying YOU Shock instead of you suck i was really laugh hard. i cant believe on his age that he can pick up those words.

We went to town to do some errands. My husband saw this deer laying in the ground dead. I think got hit of the truck . I saw it and i feel sorry i say "Ohh Man. next thing you know it he is saying now too and he can say the word "Ohh man" really good. Now he is trying to bark like a dog. we have a dog every time the mailman bring our mail the dog bark so now he is barking too he..he..he..

then the other week we have a fair here so we went to the fair to have some corn dog and shake up. i like orange shake up and corn dog its really delicious. after we eat our ffods we decided to go check the animal. here's this sheep saying myeeeee.....myeeee....myeeee... so my son saying myeeee then the sheep will answer it myeeee....myeeee.... we just laugh some hard. he don't care much of the goat. Now he is saying Nana... Nana...Nana....

I'm just so proud of him.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our First Vacation

This is the only picture that i took saying Welcome to Mountain home

Wow!!! Finally we have a chance to go for vacation. My husband wants to visit mountain home arkansas. We went to mountain home Arkansas last month. the place is very clean we love it there we really did enjoy our stay there even though we stay short period of time. We need to come back home because our dog "Prancer" she is noteating her food. She can't handle a long hours of travel in the car she is old we can't bring her with us. We don't really like but we have to leave her in the house. She is not alone we ask Jane my husband sister to watch her.

Ramada Inn

We stay at Ramada Inn. the place is clean and the people there is friendly. We rented the suites room with jacuzzi on it. their breakfast is delicious they have southern style biscuits my husband keep coming back to get more and more we really like the foods and we enjoy our stay there. the next day we decided to check the area. We went first to the Norfork lake this where we saw 2 bridges its really nice. i took some picture of it.

Norfork Bridge

Norfork Lake

Then after there went to the Bull shoals lake and white river. They have visitors center there that over looking the dam and it was scary if your not fun heights. They have some different fishes been caught in that river the biggest one that we saw is 40 lbs its was huge. You can see the Dam its big and you can see surrounded they have a telescope that you can use it . I took some picture not too many because I'm trying video the place while my husband taking care of my son

Bull Shoals Dam

White River

Its getting late we go back at Norfork Lake. there is huge hotel there that it looks nice outside .Me and my husband decided to stay there. Soon we come in the lobby i did not like it. since its getting late we don't want to go back in town again. We went to the room soon i open it you can see the flies , mosquito's i try to kill some of it. They have swimming pool and spa. the spa was so dirty that you can even see the bottoms. We went to pool not there very long because i feel that there something touching my legs i told my husband and he feels it too. We hurry up get out the water you can guess what the water looks like. We just trying to get through the night since we are going back home on the next day

Suppose to be there is breakfast. Start at 7:30 am until 9:00am. We went to this restaurant where suppose to have our breakfast the door is lock. Not just us waiting there some other guess too. I ring the bell in the lobby to ask the front desk where we can have our breakfast. I keep ringing the bell finally the the old lady come out on her room with her night gown without brushing her hair or bother to put her robe . she is mad that i keep ringing the bell. but anyway she told us that the breakfast will be serve on 30 minutes.We went to the restaurant and the foods is suck. Since the room is not really clean we are thinking maybe their foods is same at Ramada. We are wrong , next time we visits Arkansas we will never ever stay on that motel again. the only good thing in this place is you can see the beauty of lake from your room and sunset and sunrise other than that im surprise that their still open.

Despite the bad experience at Norfork Inn we still enjoy our vacation.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An Award For You

Thanks Cookie for the award.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my Lane

I'm a proud mother of ten months old baby boy. I remember having him on my tommy feeling him moving and kicking inside on me. Now 10 months later here he is he can crawl , walk alittle bit , say some funny and cute words. Everybody told me to enjoy every minute of it because they grow fast. now that i saw how he grown fast i think their right.

I remember on my last months of my pregnancy I'm getting ready to work that night and i start having contraction instead of going to work my husband decided to bring me to the hospital. Everybody at work worry that im going to have my baby at work because i never did take a break. the doctor told me as long i can handle working its ok for me to work and he said working is good source of exercise. Anyway I'm so excited at last im going to have him , now i can hold him ,kiss him just be with him. Same time im kind nervous about. Im a first time mom never did attend any classes how to breath or push he..he..he.. i just keep praying to god that everything is going to be ok. Saturday 10:45 pm i was their in the hospital getting ready to have a baby. I think this is the longest time to wait. I keep on waiting ...waiting and waiting...... Im getting hungry he..he...he.. so i ask the nurse and they give ham sandwich and sprite at 2 am.

They induce me and the contraction is getting stronger ... man alive that hurts alot he...he...he..... 8 am I'm waiting to somebody to give me something to eat and nobody give me any foods. i ask the nurse again she told me that i can't have food until i have my baby i think to myself this is not going to work im getting hungry really bad he..he..he.. i keep bugging them finally they ask my doctor he said that i can have some he..he..he... i love foods you can tell that he..he..he..

At 4:30 pm the doctor decided to do C-section on me because . his heartbeat is going down they don't want to have any complication. At 4:45 i have him he scream loud soon i see him i told my husband he got my nose he...he..he... oh no he got my nose... he...he...he... and my eyes but im so happy really happy. I can't describe how i feel all i know is that im just so happy to have him.
He is 7lbs and 7 oz and 20 inches long.

Now i look at him seems like yesterday. He is getting bigger and bigger. He is just so and he loves music and most of all he is handsome he.,.he.. he.. you can really tell that i am his mom he..he....